About Datpiff

Having a hard time receiving downloads for your mixtape on ZShare? LimeLinx? Rapidshare? Try promoting your music on mix tape hosting websites. All artists, independent and mainstream, promote their music on one or more mix tape hosting websites. Usually, signup for these websites are free of charge and fees are only accrued through utilizing special website services.

About Datpiff


 What are some of the most used mixtape hosting websites?

 If you type “mixtape hosting websites” in the search engine on Google, these websites will more than likely be the top 3 websites that show on the results page:

  • Datpiff.com
  • LiveMixtapes.com
  • Mixtapetorrent.com

Datpiff.com and LiveMixtapes.com are similar in website layout and content. Both websites expose independent and mainstream artists, but their method of exposure differs.


Datpiff.com places all Mixtapes in the same general category on the website. Independent artist. Mixtapes are featured on the same pages as mainstream artists. When an artist first uploads his or her music, all cover art and media content will be screened by Datpiff’s server to ensure quality and certification that the artist owns or has the privilege to use ALL of the music media uploaded. Almost always the music an artist submits is approved; however, any person cannot just download your music. Your mixtape can only be downloaded if a person has a DATPIFF account. What most artists fail to do is purchase a $50 sponsorship on Datpiff. This $50 purchase GUARANTEES that any person can download your music. Also, this purchase places you on the home page of Datpiff. An image of your cover art and link to the page where your music can be downloaded will be placed at the bottom of the home page. If your music receives a fair amount of listens within a 24-hour time period, Datpiff will move your music higher on the homepage and place it under the category “Today’s Top 8.” Many DJ’s can have your mixtape placed in the “Spotlight” category. If you really want to make your presence felt on Datpiff, $300 will purchase you a “Featured Mixtape” at the very top of the homepage. Your mixtape will be featured at the top of the homepage for approximately seven days.


LiveMixtapes.com is a little more challenging to have your music featured on. Independent artists must find a DJ who has a good relationship with LiveMixtapes.com to persuade the site. To feature your mixtape. Commonly, an independent artist’s mixtape is featured on the sister site. To LiveMixtapes.com, IndyMixtapes.com. Though it is good to be on this site, your level of potential exposure will actually decrease, as most music consumers will be on the primary site.


Mixtapetorrent.com is a mixtape site where consumers can download mixtapes as torrents (. zip Files that easily accessible and contain all media, music and graphics). Torrents are the growing. Trend of file sharing on the internet and consumers who do a lot of heavy downloading prefer the use of torrents. Unlike Datpiff and LiveMixtapes, you must gain permission and access from the web administrator of Mixtapetorrent.com in order to have your music featured on the site. Furthermore, you may be subject to a service fee for mixtape hosting as well.

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